• Name: 500W solar power systems
  • 产品编号: F002
  • Inverter power capacity: 500W
  • solar controller: 12V 20A
  • Battery: 12V 65AH
  • Solar panel: 100W
  • Input voltage: 110v/220v AC
  • Output voltage: 9V/12V DC,110V/220V AC
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  • Key Specifications/Special Features:
  • For lighting, mobile charging, fan, DVD, laptop, TV, computer, fridge
  • High efficiency and flexible in configuration
  • Short circuit, over voltage, low voltage, over discharge and overload protections
  • Easy to use and maintain with all working indicators, free of worry for the operating and maintenance
  • Solar panel: below 18V, 360W will be okay, can be in poly/mono
  • Controller: 12V, 20A with working indicators, each plug-in controller is corresponding
  • pure sine wave
  • Output voltages: 110/220/12/8.4/5/3.3V


Number Specification Remark
1 Solar panel 50W 685*515*30MM/50W

Use the panel charge battery 

need 9-10 hrs can be full

Battery  12V/24AHthe system box can also use for 26A/17A/35A
Controller 12V/5A
Solar panel cable DC 5M
Out put 12V/5V/220V
System box size 360mm(L)*287mm(H)*210mm(W)
Pure wave inverter

300W/12V transfer to 220V

can run TV, fan, computer and small house application

Number Specification Remark
2 Solar panel 100W 1016*670*30MM 100W

Use the panel charge battery

 need 11-12 hrs can be full

Battery  12V/65AHthe system box can also use for 45AH55AH
Controller 12V/20A
Solar panel cable 5M
Out put 12V/5V/220V
System box size 440mm(L)*230mm(W)*390mm(H)
Pure wave inverter

600W/12V transfer to 220V

can run TV, fan,  and computer 

Number Specification Remark
3 Solar panel 200W 1016*670*30MM 100W/2pcs or 200W/1pcs

Use the panel charge battery 

need 9-10 hrs can be full

Battery  12V/100AH
Controller 12V20A
Solar panel cable 5M
Out put 12V/5V/220V
System box size 500mm(L)*220mm(W)*400mm (H)
Pure wave inverter

1000W/24V transfer to 220V

can run TV, fan, computer, small refrigerator and small hosue application

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